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    Toy Tanks Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Toy Tanks includes altogether nine levels. Your objective is to defeat the wicked dictator Joseph. The pictures of this game are of 3D. Coupled with the humorous background music, this game become much interesting for players to enjoy. Players can apply different kinds of toy tanks. You should use your best toy tank to destroy the wall in front of you and get into the toy town to win the victory.
        Every time after destroying a toy tank, you will be rewarded with points. What is more, you can use these points to upgrade you toy tank. There are many levels. In different levels, you can play toy tanks with one or several other players together.

        This game includes two kinds of modes´╝Ücampaign and Arcade. Players can choose to play whichever mode they prefer to. But the operation method is the same.
        Players can choose two different kinds of ways to play this game. The first one is the automatic mode. Under this mode, players can control the toy tank by moving their cell phone. Besides, they can use their finger to touch the tank. In this way, the tank will fire at other tanks.
        But players should note that they should not shake their phone in a violent way. Otherwise, you will deviate from the main course. But players should find their own way for themselves in this respect. Under the manual mode, players need to touch the direction buttons on both sides of the screen to control the tank. But the problem is that players will be fully occupied by controlling the direction, firing at their enemy and evading attack at the same time. They have no time to enjoy the game.
        There are altogether nine levels. The game has an ascending order of difficulty. But the simple way is to attack your enemy as soon as you see them. You will be lucky if you come across medicine case or ammunition. But it is very rare. So you need to use your limited weapons in a discreet way.
        You can destroy the tank and vallation by striking them twice. Don't touch the screen again after you launching two vallations, which will be a kind of waste. You can destroy the flagship on the sea by firing at it for three times.
        If you are attacked by your enemy violently, and then it will not be a good strategy for you to hide in the tank for a long time. The best measure you should take is to attack actively. But you better take a preemptive strategy if you have enough ammunition. You should destroy the tank and the flagship with two shells and three shells respectively before they attack you.
        BOSS is a battleship and it is very powerful. The fight with it will test your strength. Players need to apply a different strategy to deal with this BOSS. It cannot be attacked in a blind way. First, you need to be patient enough to save actual strength. Once you have enough strength, you can kill it by one lethal strike.
        What needs to be pointed out is that players have to kill a certain number of enemies to break through the level. So in face of your enemy's drastic attack, players need to march forward but not to evade.

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