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    Traffic Rush Game Review:

        Does it ever occur to you that the traffic director is useless when there is a traffic jam. So if you think that you can do this job better than them, and then you should try this iPhone game. You will know that it is not that easy to keep the traffic in order.

        There are two different modes in this game: classic mode and Rail Rush mode. 1. In the classic mode, players will direct vehicles at a crossroad. While in Rail Rush mode, players need to direct trains in an intersection. It sounds that there is no difference between these two modes. Actually, there is.
        2. First let us talk about the classic mode. In this mode, there are altogether twelve levels. There is no road block in this mode only cars of different colors. Four lanes are available in this mode. If the number on the car head is 1, which means that it should run on the first lane. After getting to the right destination, there will be relative score reward. At first, the system gives only 30 score for each car. While the game progress, the number will be 60, 90, 120......
        3. There will be a road block in the second level. But the operation method is the same. For example, if the car with number 2 on its head in running on the first lane, you can just drag it to the second lane. But you need to work fast in case of running into the road block. If a car is near the road block, you can just drag it to the beside lane. And then drag it back one passes the road block. Do not hit the road block, or your car will explode, which means Game Over.
        4. There is no road block in the third level. But the number of lane is increased. There are altogether five lanes in this level. So you need to react fast. Or you will fail to drag the car from lane 1 to lane 3. There is not too much time for you. Besides, you need to try to avoid car accident in this mode. Or you need to retry this level.
        5. This level is similar to the above levels. The only difference is that there is a road block on the fourth lane. In this way, you need to change lanes for those cars and avoid the road block at the same time. Besides, sometimes you need to drag the car from the third lane to the fifth lane. So it is not very easy to pass this level.
        6. You can click the smaller car and make it stop for now if it nearly hits into a long truck. Next drag the truck to another lane. After this, click the small car again and let it continue to run forward.
        7. There are five lanes altogether in this level. Besides, this is a road block free level. The difficulty lies in that the number of truck is increased in this level. In this way, there is a higher possibility of car accident. So the best practice is to stop some car before lane change. Once occurs a car accident, players need to retry this level.
        8. There is not too much difference between classic mode and Rail Rush mode. The only difference is that the car turns into trains. You can adopts the same method to change rails for these trains. Actually, this is the challenge mode. But you are not allowed to try it unless you already finished all the levels contained in the classic mode.

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