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    Trainz Simulator 12 Game Review:

        Trainz Simulator 12 is the latest work of Trainz Simulator created by Auran company in 2011. This game includes powerful game editor and different kinds of new functions. In this way, it provides players with a platform to interact with each other. Besides, some new railways will be available to players in this game, especially those railways located in the southern part of China. This game was officially released on April 27, 2011. Compared with the last work, new functions and railways will be available to players in this game. So it will be familiar to Chinese players.

        Walkthrough :
        W Throttle Up KP8
        X Throttle Down KP2
        S Throttle Idle KP5
        Q Brake Release KP9
        A Brake Lap KP6
        Z Brake Apply KP3
        F Reverser Fwd KP*
        R Reverser Bwd KP/
        H Horn KP+
        B Bell KP-
        L Headlight
        P Pause
        Camera Hotkeys
        1 Cab Interior View
        2 Chase View
        3 Lineside View
        4 Free Roaming View
        Interface Hotkeys
        F5 Interface Toggle on/off
        F6 Driver Bar
        F7 Button Bar
        F8 Custom HUD
        1.Whether you wish to drive the trains yourself, manage 'AI' operations of multiple trains, control industries or create your own Trainz world, Trainz Simulator 12 is the platform that will allow you to do this and more to bring your virtual railway to life.
        2.The Trainz main menu has five options, Tutorials, RouteSaved Sessions, Railyard and Content Updates.
        3.Tutorials: This menu features 4 introductory tutorials, each focused on a different aspect of train operation in the Driver system.
        The 4 tutorials in order are:
        Tutorial 1 – Trainz interface and basic DCC Controls
        Tutorial 2 – Advanced DCC Controls
        Tutorial 3 – Basic CAB Controls
        Tutorial 4 – Advanced CAB Controls
        4.We recommend you start with the easier sessions and progress onto the more difficult sessions when you are looking for more of a challenge. The relative difficulty of a session is listed in the information displayed about it. If you click on a saved session, details about the saved session (e.g. when it was saved, and how long the session had run for) will be displayed in the information pane.
        5.We recommend that you join a number of existing multiplayer games and gain some experience with the multiplayer environment before you consider hosting your own multiplayer game.
        6.Route - Routes contain the 'world' components such as terrain, buildings, track, trees and trackside objects.
        7. Session - Sessions contain the 'variable' aspects such as locos, rolling stock, time of day, weather and other Rules.
        Saved session - A session you have previously started playing, and saved part way through.
        8.Pause (P)The Pause button is located beside the Main Menu button. Clicking the Pause button (or pressing 'P'), will suspend the current session so that you can answer that important phone call or stop for a lunch, dinner or toilet break. It can also be used to give additional time when reading the instructions for a session.
        9.Camera Views:There are many different ways of viewing the 3D world in Trainz, as well as a map view that gives you a 2D top down view. You can zoom in and out, pan around, and change the camera focus point with each of these views.
        10. DCC Controller (W/X/S) In DCC mode, a simple rotary dial controller is available in the bottom right panel of the HUD. This dial controls the movement of the currently selected train and is analogous to a model railway DCC controller knob. Click LMB and drag it clockwise on the dial to move forward. Dragging the dial so the arrow points upwards will stop the train. Dragging the dial anti-clockwise will move the train in reverse.
        11.Stop (S):To quickly reset the dial and bring the current consist to a halt, Click LMB on the Stop icon.You can also use the "W" and "X" keys for forward and reverse controls and the "S" key for stop. If you are using the keyboard to control the throttle, you can refer to the position of the rotary dial on the HUD to see your current throttle setting.

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