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    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a third-person shooting game transplanted from XBOX. This game will remind players of the original animation. Players can shift from a giant machine soldier into a super fighting machine. You can choose between different speeds and levels for power. Players can enjoy the fight with the fast-paced heavy metal music.
        This is a sequel of the last version. The defeated Megatron is not really dead. It is not dead although it is dropped into the sea because Energy block saved it. After this, Megatron calls upon about ten strong helpers, including Autobots, sound wave and female transformer Acree.
        This game includes new tasks. Players can apply different kinds of machine life and experience their special skills and military equipment. The game making team try to make this game vivid with rich graphics and exciting actions.

        Strategy guide:
        You can attack your enemy by pressing the mouse wheel.
        Left mouse button- transform
        Right mouse button-aiming
        T- change your weapon
        K-change visual distance
        F-some kind of power
        Climb the wall: (You can climb the wall by pressing CTRL but you have to stand besides wall). Besides, you can destroy everything except for the high buildings.
        After knocking into the ball for several times, you can practice to attack your enemy.
        Just follow the tip to attack (first is use the mouse wheel to attack)
        Press the mouse wheel for charging
        End with the death of the objective characters on the map
        Shooting practice
        Press the right mouse wheel. Press T to change weapon. Machine gun is on the left side of the Bumblebee.
        Next is the transform training.
        You can transform with the left mouse button or the left SHIFT. Once you release the mouse, you will transform into a robot again.
        How to control your car:
        LB: Use your weapon to attack your enemy within your car
        RT: Acceleration
        RB: brake
        Y: get off the car
        X: change weapons
        B: hang up
        A: pick up your cell phone
        BACK: change visual perspective
        Press A, D fro turning
        You can press the mouse wheel for shooting
        Next is the specific skill training
        You can press according to the tips one by one.
        You can press SHIFT with other keys at the same time to apply these skills. Remember just press one.
        You can move, attack from a distance, fight and evade by controlling the Autobot. You can also march forward and attack your enemy. You can only attack covered enemy during the fight or by continuous fight.
        You can press A or D to dodge your enemies attack under the aiming state.
        Next is the plane man
        Magnificent appearance
        You can get into the shooting state by pressing the right key and then press E. This is my favourite mode.
        Practice and controlling procedures are similar to that of the car.
        Plane control
        W- downward
        A, D- left and right
        Mouse wheel- fire the missile in turn
        Space- evade (roll)
        hit points
        HP REGEN
        You should be clear about your recruit. You need two main armies and at least one attendance team.
        Engineer and commando: Mechanical engineer is a kind of mercenary with higher skill (the initial value of the mechanical skills is above 50). In addition to mechanical engineer, there are also power engineer and skill engineer. (Of course, shooting ability is a must. He also needs a part-time assault players whose shooting score must be at least above 75 points). Power-oriented engineers can use a crowbar to unlock different things (strength + mechanicals). Unlock skills are very important. Skillful engineers can unlock things with relative device (smartness + mechanicals).
        Power-oriented and skill-oriented: These two kinds of engineers have their own advantages. Power-oriented engineer can fight against their enemy with ax. Once you can get close to your enemy, it has no choice but to fight against you with a gun in their hand. Of course, your ax is more useful than the gun in your enemy‚Äôs hand. The skill type is just about aiming preciseness, thus you should be focus(shooting+flexibility). But what we need is commandos because they have enough blood and they are good at fighting.
        You should choose the attendance team when you need to prepare for the fight: You can just wear trousers to take part into the fight. In this way, you can take much more weapons with you. Once you run across into enemy, you can just run away. Anyway, you cannot win the victory.
        Main army: This army is composed of four characters. Two of which are snipers and other two of which are part-time commandos (doctor and engineer).
        Attributes modification method of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
        Trainer options

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