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    Tread Marks Game Review:

        Tread Marks is a game about tank race and tank combat. Unlike other racing games, players can deploy trap holes and make charred marks on the ground in this game. But you should keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get to the destination first but not to destroy other tanks. Equipping with proper weapons, you can explore a new canyon for yourself or a piece of flat land.

        1. There are five items: field manual, training maps, rolling demo, single game, multiple players, game options, story&credits, visit the sites, Quit.
        2. First, let us talk about the field manual. You can ignore this one because it is a pile of English words which have nothing to do with playing this game. Besides, always remember that your ultimate goal in this game is not to destroy your opponent, but to reach to the destination as fast as you can.
        Next is the training map. You will see controls, tips, weapon box, super weapon, repair, ram drilling and dirtballs in this item.
        Drive your tank with the arrow keys, control the turret with the mouse fire weapons with the Lt mouse Button. Hold down the Rt mouse Button to free the camera and quickly look around.
        Map training includes three modes. They are drive training, weapon training, missile training.
        3. Click the rolling demo and you can enjoy a video clips with changing views. So you can feel this game by appreciating this video clips.
        4. Next is the single player. First you need to name yourself. Jut type into a name behind the players. And then you can click done and start the game. Your insignia is your exclusive mark, a kind of icon. As for the team, you can just ignore it.
        5. Many players will compete with you under the multiplayer mode. You can create all kinds of trouble for your opponents by deploying hole traps or charred marks. In this way, you will be only winner who successfully reaches to the destination. But remember this is a racing game. So your priority is to reach to the destination as fast as you can but not to destroy your opponents.
        6. In terms of the options, you can set tank controls, camera controls, joystick controls, mouse settings in this item.
        7. Credits and stories are ignorable. But you can visit the website because there might be updated version available to you. At last, you should know that there are altogether 52 maps in this game with three different training levels and 20 different kinds of destructive tanks. Besides, there are 23 different kinds of weapons and power-ups and 80 kinds of landmarks. Oh, you can invite your actual friends to enjoy this game under the multiple player mode.
        8. Maybe the most exciting thing about this game is to apply the nuclear weapon, which is really magnificent. But you cannot apply nuclear weapon unless you have enough energy. So try to earn as much as energy you can in the ladder tournament racing. In this way, you can kill your enemy by one strike.

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