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    Truck Racer Game Review:

        The racing trucks in this game are not very common even in reality. There are altogether eight different trucks, including fire truck, monster truck, big vans, armored vehicles, and Hollywood scenery view truck. Different truck racers are equipped with different trucks during this game.
        There are eight racing tracks included in this game located in eight different countries. The environment between day and night is also different. Besides, there are three modes: racing mode, challenge mode and arena mode. Under the multiple player mode, two players can compete with each other at the same time. During this game, the trucks can be accelerated by applying turbo boost. But the truck will be deformed once it collides with other trucks. At last, players can replay the game and enjoy their cool performance during the game. The most exciting thing is that new racing track, new trucks, and modes will be unlocked if players win the game.

        Steer right: right
        Steer left: left
        Handbrake: X
        Break down: down
        Throttle button: up
        Reset car: space bar
        Horn: H
        Look back: S
        1. It is really cool to control this game. It is not very awkward even when you are turning around. So the buttons all you need are the four direction arrows. Besides, there are three modes in this game, including race, truck challenge and track challenge.
        2. Under the race mode, players need to compete with other players on the racing track. They need to cover altogether eight laps within the minimum period of time. Another point is that there are a lot of double turnings under this mode although the racing track is really very flat. So you need to be focused and control the balance. Besides, there are a lot of vans, trucks, cars are coming to you from the opposite direction. So you need to avoid them because your score will be deducted once you collide with them. On the contrary, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of scores once you successfully avoid them.
        3. Two players can challenge each other in the truck challenge mode. But there is a time limit under this mode. The one who covers all the laps required by the system with the least time is the winner. The winner will be rewarded with a new different truck. There are altogether eight trucks available to unlock in this mode.
        4. Next is the truck challenge mode, which is a challenging one. There are a lot of turnings and vehicles on the road. Besides, many players share this road with you. So you can not defeat your opponent unless you drive in a fast and steady way. Your ultimate purpose is to unlock all the eight racing tracks in this mode.
        5. There is another item in this game, that is, time trial. Many players will compete with you at the same time. If you want to become the champion, and then you need to run fast and cover all the laps with the least amount of time. Oh, you should know that the reward for the champion is bountiful.
        Note: Both level and mode skip are not allowed in this game. So players need to unlock these levels one by one. That is to say, you need to conquer the race mode, the truck challenge mode and the track challenge mode one after another in order.

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