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    Trucks & Trailers Game Review:

        This is a truck training game with excellent graphics. Besides, there are seven different types of trucks and more than 50 challenging tasks.

        ↑: forward
        ←: turn left
        →: turn right
        ↓: brake
        After entering into this game, players will see that there are three modes available to them: easy, difficult and pro. But if you are not familiar with this game, my suggestion is to choose the easy mode first. But if you are an excellent driver in reality, and then you can choose the hard mode or the professional mode.
        The first level: It is very simple for you to pass this level. This is a practicing level. It only involves two steps to finish this level. Before you are let loose on the road you must master basic vehicle maneuvers. Park the trailer within the indicted bay without hitting the barrier please! First you should march forward by pressing the forward button. Do not forget to press the stop button when you get to the indicated location. The reason is that you cannot pass the level once you hit other things or barriers and your car will also be damaged. Besides, you cannot get the medal once you hit things or try more than once.
        The second level: This time you are approaching the bay from a tricky 90 degree angle. Maintain a smooth speed and try to park at your first attempt. At first, it may be a little bit difficult. But once you get that kind of right feeling, it will not be hard for you to get to the right location. First, you need to drive your truck forward slowly and then press the left direction arrow to turn. Having turning successfully, you can keep going and then press the downward arrow to stop.
        The third level: this level is much easier than the second level. Your task is to attach the trailer to your truck and then park it inside the indicated bay. First, you need to reverse your truck. Once the truck is connect with the trailer, you can drive both of them to the indicted parking lot and then press T to detach the trailer.
        The fourth level: This level is difficult. You need to reverse your car. But this is an interesting level. First you will see a trailer attached to the tail of your truck. What you need to do is to drive them to the next parking lot. First you need to reverse your truck by pressing the upward direction button. You should reverse as far as you can. Next you can press the downward arrow to stop your truck. Now it is time for you to go backward. It depends on you whether you can aim at the right direction. Once you position at the right direction, you can reverse your truck. At last, you can press the upward arrow to stop your car.
        1. Follow the instructions in the window in the left upper corner of your screen.
        2. You can press 3 to change views in this game. Sometimes, it will be hard for you to control your truck, so you can press 3 to observe the whole view, which will be easier for you to finish your task.
        3. Stop your truck before the turning, or you will lose control to your truck easily.

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