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    UFO: Extraterrestrials Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This is a scientific strategy game, which is different with the famous UFO series. This game is developed by Tri Synergy and published by Chaos Concept.
        In 2025, in a new colonial planet, our space facilities were discovered and attack by alien machines.
        In this game, players will be put on one of Esperanza's bases controlled by the spaceship named Magalhaes in 2023. Besides, players can control a group of soldiers with light and heavy machineries and cars.
        These fighters are called upon by Esperanza government to deal with threats from the outer space. If players can wipe out all of the intruders from the outer space, and then they can continue to perform missions on the Earth which is under the control of the alien forces. This game develops a global strategic plan. Players need to take advantage of the terrain and surrounding environment to defeat the alien forces.

        Players need to defeat two kinds of enemies at the beginning of this game. They are ufo:scout and fighter. But remember to intercept. Players will get parts of the UFO boat.
        Players can begin to build their own base once they have $ 3 million. The distance between the mother base and the son base should not be too long. Deploy your base by referring to the celestial map. If there is a long distance between your bases, and then it will not be convenient for you to get supply timely.
        At the same time, you can own three LAB research laboratories and other two workshops. Next you will repeat the procedure: pick up bodies, research and development, create new weapons and wipe out your enemy. You had better earn $ 2millions or more.
        You should upgrade your research laboratory timely. It is better for you to dismantle all of the old laboratory. This way can save space for you.
        Don't sell out the parts of the UFO body right away. You should make research on them first. In this way, you can sell them at a higher price. For example, you can sell a gravity engine at $48000 before research. But after research, you can get 120000 on a gravity engine.
        There are seven different kinds of heavy and light weapons included in this game. The protective helmet can be divided into five categories. The force requirements are respectively. I prefer to 70 because 90 is very expensive.
        In this game, players need to capture altogether 12 pairs of command officers. The game cannot be continued if they fail this task. I come across two types command officer. It is very easy for players to recognize the first type of officers because they have human head with serpent's body. They are called vipon. Usually, they are golden. Another type of officer is phantom with psi ability. Besides, this type of command officer can fly. But it is difficult for players to recognize them because they have the same appearances with those of common soldiers.
        Players need to apply stun grenade or rocket grenade when they plan to capture a command officer. They must be careful. First, throw out a grenade to your target and make sure it will be within the resulting red smoke. Otherwise, the command officer will run away. Next you can sneak to the red smog and shoot your target to death. In this way, you successfully captured the command officer. Make sure your target is within the red smoke.
        You need to fight other three combats before the BOSS. Players need to start the game all over again once they lose any of the three fights. Besides, there are not too much supply although players do not need to fight several enemies at the same time. But your damaged car will be replaced. The bullet will also be supplied timely.

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