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    UK Truck Simulator Game Review:

        UK Truck Simulator will bring players with a whole new game experience of truck driving. They can enjoy the passing by senaries along the road. Generally speaking, UK Truck Simulator is a successful work.
        In this game, players can travel to cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Players need to accumulate experience from their job. They need to deliver their cargoes on time. Besides, they have to make sure that their truck will not be damaged or out of fuel. The ultimate goal is to build their own transportation business.

        F5:Show navigation notebook page
        F6:Show cargo notebook page
        F7:Show management notebook page
        F8: Show mail notebook page
        F2: Show/hide wing mirrors
        F3:Show/hide on-screen dashboard
        M:Show/hide map
        I:Display mode
        B: motor brake
        Enter: activate
        T: Trailer attach
        N: Show/hide notebook
        Right arrow: steering right
        Look left: Numpad /
        Look right: Numpad*
        Star the engine by pressing E or W or Up Arrow. To stop it again press E.
        At the beginning of this game, you need to select a job first. You can choose to work for the any of company among the three transportation companies. The selection is regardless of your driving skill or experience in transportation. This is your first job. Besides, it is also the start point of your transportation career. The three companies are: Transinel, Stokes and Tradeoux.
        Whichever company you select, the operation method is the same. After entering this game, you will see a truck in front of you. The first thing you need to do is to connect the truck with the trailer below the spinning arrow.
        The procedure is very simple. You can drive the car to the trailer at the help of the direction arrows. Next press T to connect them together. This is a customer friendly game because there are a lot of tips for you. So if you have problem with connecting the truck with the trailer, and then you can press 3 to change the perspective. In this way, the job will become much easier for you.
        Here is an important function, that is the notebook. In the notebook you can browse the map of UK, read your mails and examine your progress with statistics.
        Later, it will also become an indispensable aid to planning your deliveries and managing your company.
        So familiarize yourself with the notebook, you can open and close it at any time during the game.
        You can press N to bring up the Notebook.
        Another important helper is the map. You will gest lost easily without the map. You can display the guide map while driving by pressing M.
        Note: Maneuver the back of your truck under the front side of the trailer. Next a dialogue message should appear.
        Fuel costs, maintenance and repairs are covered by the company. You are paying traffic offense fines from your own pocket.
        Make sure to deliver loads on time, otherwise you will face late delivery reductions.

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