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    Ultimate Demolition Derby Game Review:

        Ultimate Demolition Derby is a new racing game released in 2003. The most distinctive feature of this game is the destruction system. Players can wipe out anything on the racing track.
        The only objective of players in this game is to destroy all the racing cars owned by your components. You can turn all of them into a plie of useless steel. In this way, you are the only winner who reaches to destination. In this game, weapons like gas bombs and jet gun and so on are available to you to destroy your opponents' cars. It is said that you can combine these weapons to perform hundreds of attacks. Seven cars are available to players in this game. Each of them has ridiculous 3D appearance. Besides, the whole game scene is also very funny.
        The content of this game is not very rich. Players can choose a racing car for themselves from different kinds of jeeps or mini cars. Next they can take part in the racing game equipped with different racing tracks. During the game, players can hit their opponents in any way they want to and try to get the champion. Anyway, this is a racing game instead of of a bumper car game. So your ultimate goal is to reach to the destination as fast as you can but not to destroy your opponents.

        1. All the buttons you need is the four direction arrows in this game. You will be completely dead once you lose the game. There is no chance for you to resurrect in this game. So you should drive carefully.
        2. After entering into this game, you will see five items. They are single player mode, multiplayer mode, options, credits and quit game.
        3. First, let us talk about the single player mode. There are four choices available to you in this mode: smash race, stunt track, mass drive and arena. But you need to choose the racing car and the racing field for yourself before you start the game. There are altogether nine racing cars and four racing fields available to you. But at first you do not have enough money to own other racing cars. So you have no choice but to choose the first one named HANB. But you can make money and then buy other advanced cars while the game progress.
        Now, you can start the game. Check the time left and your current speed on the right upper side of the screen. On the right lower corner you can see the laps already covered by you. Besides, you can see on the left side the number of the players and their scores and rank. The smash race only supports five players. Together, you need to cover five laps as fast as you can.
        4. You need to wait for other players to take part in this game under the multiplayer mode.
        5. Next is the mass drive. Needless to say, the racing tracks in this item is really crazy. They are in disorder. So many other players will attack you by accident or on purpose from time to time. Sometimes, you will be crushed by other players under their car and cannot move. So drive as fast as you can to pass through those gates and win scores.
        6. At last, it comes to the arena mode. There are a lot of excellent racers here. You also need to cover five laps. But each of you has your own racing track. So get the fastest possible lap time for a single lap to become the winner.

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