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    Vice City Manhattan Game Review:

        This is a mission-based game. In this game, players can choose to play both sides of the story. They can battle way through New York as a cop or as a Mafia babe. As a cop, they can hunt down criminals and chase eyewitnesses; while as a criminal, they can rob banks or kill innocent people. In this city, there are altogether six different cars are available for players to drive. If a fight is upon them, they can use one of five different weapons to deal with their enemy. Altogether there are more than twenty missions. Players need to kill key people as well as destroy both vehicles and property to finish their missions.

        W: march forward
        S: reverse
        A: turn left
        D: turn right
        This game is a classic one among the GTA series of games. It is still very popular at current. Generally speaking, the operation method of this game is similar to that of the GTA games.
        What players usually do is to take over missions in the Manhattan city for remuneration.
        1. Take over a mission
        See the small map at the lower left corner, you will find other letters or marks on the map besides "N" , which refers to the North. Those are used to mark the designated mission sites. Once you get to your designated place, a flashing circle will be in front of you. So you can trigger the mission by stepping into it.
        2. On the mission
        You will find an additional ■ or ▲ on the map. That is your enemy's stronghold.
        ■: refers to the main character and the target are at the same height
        ▲: refers to the target is above the main character
        ▼: refers to the target is below the main character
        3. Game progress
        There is a magnetic disc on the map. First, get to the designated place and you will find a magnetic disc spinning on the ground. Check your game file by stepping into the magnetic disk.
        Extension mission
        You can buy some extension missions for yourself after finishing the main mission. But these properties purchased by you will not appear on the map.
        How to purchase——→follow the green arrow and then press Shift to buy whatever you want. After this, there will be an additional mark on the map. This new mark refers to your new task.
        thugs tools
        professional tools
        nutter tools
        precious protection
        you wont take me alive
        leave me alone
        a pleasant day
        a lovely day
        a bit drieg
        cats and dogs
        cant see a thing
        life is passing me by
        big bang
        still like dressing up
        fight fight fight
        nobody likes me
        our god given right to bear arms
        on speed
        wheels are all ineed
        come fly with me
        grip is everything
        chases tat - 2
        chicks with guns
        i cant take it anymore
        green light
        miami traffic
        ah air dresser scar
        i want it pain ted black
        travel in style
        the last ride
        rock and roll car
        rubbish car
        get the refast
        better than walking
        look like lance
        my son is a lawyer
        i look like hilary
        rock and roll man
        one armed bandit
        i dont have the money sonny
        sea ways
        loads of little things
        air ship
        foxy little thing
        we love our dick
        get there quickly
        get there very fast indeed
        get there amazingly fast
        fanny magnet
        cheats have been cracked
        certain death
        deep fried mars bars

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