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    Where's My Water? Game Review:

        This is a puzzle game based on relative physical knowledge. If you want to break through the level, you should watch out for Algae, toxic water, organs and various traps. So far, there are altogether ten chapters with 200 different kinds of levels (each chapter contains 20 levels). Players need to induct the clear water into the broken pipe. Besides, there are 20 levels for rewards collection.
        In the four main chapters entitled The Story of Cranky, there are altogether 80 levels. You need to clean the algae on the food with toxic water in order to feed the Cranky. There are also other eight Cranky reward levels. While in The Story of Allie, there are 40 levels and four collection rewarding levels.
        In the mysterious duck, a new duck will appear in every new level. It might be a moving magic duck or a huge duck that 20 drops of waters can fill it to the full or a small duck that can be filled to the full by one drop of water. There are also many hidden levels!
        Swampy is different from other crocodiles although all of them live in the urban sewer. But you should know that Swampy is both humorous and lovely. It especially likes quietness. Besides this, it is curious about the world and good to its friends. Its favourite thing is to take a shower after hard work.
        Cranky is the most powerful crocodile around, which makes a living by dealing with human trash. It makes him vert happy to cut off Swampy's water sources. The reason is that he hates our little Swampy very much because he hates human, but little Swampy wants to have a human life.
        Cranky nearly eats everything with his sharp teeth. He is capable of biting off Swampy's water pipe. His favourite thing is to find the most disgusting and rotten things from the trash and underground sewer. But he never touches vegetables.
        Allie is a beautiful crocodile wearing a lovely butterfly knot. She was Cranky's girlfriend qt first. But at the end of chapter four, you can see that Allie broke up with Cranky and became Swampy's girlfriend. At that time, Cranky was very upset. Besides, Allie is a singer. She can play steam-powered musical instrument.

        1. Touch the game cover and there will be animated pictures of sprinkler, nose, and radio. Click the duck and it will make a quack sound. Different ducks have different tones.
        2. At the end of each level, players can peep the Swampy taking a shower by pulling the shower curtain aside.
        3. During this game, you can click little Swampy and it will make some funny moves, such as shy, cover his head or become angry or draw up the curtain.
        4. Click the valve to release substance. The blue, green and purple valves will release water, mud and toxic water respectively. The white valve represents steam.
        When there are 400 drops of some substance, the valve cannot release such kind of substance. Some valves are gray, it means that it is not sure which kind of substance is in it.
        5. The little Swampy will absorb water. It will turn into a yellow duck after absorbing five drops of water. Besides, it can get additional 100 scores. But the duck will be dead once it absorbs toxic water. It will ignore the steam.
        6. Algae can grow in the water. But it will be dead in the toxic water. Besides, it will turn into hard stone once it touches mud.
        7. The moving things (like ballon) will explode once they touch the bomb after several seconds. After this, one drop of water will be consumed except for ballon. Besides, bombs can also blow away other things, such as stone, dirt, or ducks around.

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