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    Wild Wheels Game Review:

        Wild Wheels is a car racing game with 3D graphics. There is no chance for you to wildly drive your car on the street in reality. But in this virtual world, you can become a wild car racer as long as you dare to be a one!
        This is an innovative game. It is different from the traditional car racing games. In this game, players will experience totally new racing tracks. In each level, there will be a lot of road blocks in front of you. So you need to remove all of them and clear a way for yourself.
        There are altogether seven different kinds of cars available to you in this game. Besides, you can enjoy more than 35 levels. The scenery on both sides of the racing track is also wonderful. So choose a level from the four different levels with different difficulty degrees and start your own both wild and interesting racing journey.

        Players can control this game at the help of the keyboard. They can apply right and left direction arrows to control the balance and the space bar to brake.
        In the menu to select map or car, enter into "ENABLE" to start the Cheat mode (press &4 if the game is already started, or the codes will be useless)
        F5: overhaul for free
        F6: switch to the "damage free" mode
        F7:win additional 30 seconds
        F8: switch to the "time freeze" mode
        F11: get additional 5000 amount of money
        F12: change views
        SHIFT+F6:display all the opponents on the map
        SHIFT+F7:get additional 30 seconds
        SHIFT+F8:switch between different shadow type
        SHIFT+F10:increase the number of the gas station
        CTRL+1: switch to the flying mode
        CTRL+5: switch to the ground flying mode
        CTRL+6,CTRL+9:switch to the automobile mode
        1. There are many twisted racing tracks in this game, which test players' driving skill. So during the competition, players need to control both the direction and the balance of their car. Besides, they need to be faster than other players.
        2. Don't rush forward at the beginning o this game. Or it will be easy for you to be attacked by other players. Besides, it is impossible for you to keep pace with them once you are overturned. So your best practice is to drive slowly at first and see other players falling down, and then you can dash forward on the clear racing track.
        3. You need money to upgrade your car. So make as much money as you could during this game. But the mount of money you earn depends on your rank at the end of every competition. Higher rank means more money.
        4. Upgrade your car regularly. Or it will be hard for you to compete with your opponent.
        5. Press the backspace button to repair your car once it break down. Of course, this process will take you some time.
        6. At last, do not try to apply the codes because it will diminish the interestingness of this small game. The original purpose of the developer of this game is to let players feel the speed. But if the codes are applied frequently, and then there will be no way for them to feel the fast speed. So you should make money and upgrade your car step by step, which is a more interesting choice.
        7. Do not brake your car all of a sudden when it reaches to a turning. Or it will be easy for you to lose control to your car. The outcome is a low rank. More seriously, you need to start this game all over again. So control the balance is the key.

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