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    Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party is a game adapted from a famous animation. The target of this game is thousands of women who aspire for beauty. The main task is to dress up for different women. For example, you can put beautiful clothes on them and make up for them. This game has gained its popularity among many women since its release. There are also many relaxing games included in this game, including the card game. This game is also very considerate to players. There is game show in the middle of the game. Thus players do not need to worry that they can not pass the game.

        1. You should choose a fairy type you desire to first. Next you can choose the corresponding hairtype and the color.
        2. You will go into a room after a dialogue between some beautiful girl students who just gets back to school. In this room, you can choose different clothes and put them on different girls. Besides, you also can choose shoes of different size and color for them. Anyway, you can dress up for them in whatever way you want.
        3. You can also change these beautiful girls' skin color. Do you see the pot of different colors under the screen? Click the corresponding color and then you can change skin color for different girls. Which color do you want them to wear?
        4. Don't forget, you also can put lightful and beautiful wings for these beautiful giels. Similarly, you also can design different wings with a variety of colors for these beautiful girls. Besides, you also can put sticker on these wings. Thus you can just click the relative sticker.
        5. After dressing up, these beautiful girls will show you their sweet appearance. Next there is a small game like the traditional card game. So you can just click the cards with the same patterns on them. But these patterns are very simple. They are usually peach or star with different colors. Thus you do not need to worry that you can not break through the game.

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