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    Winx Club: The Quest For The Codex Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        This game is developed by Konami Europe. It is about a magical land named Magix. In this game, players will act as a 16 years old girl named Bloom. She owns a kind of magic by accident. Thus she begins her own journey in the magical land. In her journey, she meets all kinds of characters. This game is pushed forward by the game story. Except for the main storyline, this game also includes many sub-storylines. There are tasks about article collecting and magic attacking. In a word, this is a classic and fashinable adventuring game.
        The main character of this game Bloom is a brave and lovely girl. Maybe it is the dream of every girl, that is, to own a certain kind of magic. In this way, they can do a lot of things they aspire to do.

        1. Defend yourself with the dragon shield.
        2. You should press Z to fire at your enemy at a certain distance. When you are close to your enemy, just press X to destroy your enmey.
        3. You should watch out that there is a time limit for you to move flowers to get score. If you can not get the proper score, you can not get into next pass.
        4. At the fourth pass, you have to move the box as fast as you can. You have to omplete the task before your enemy circles you.

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