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      This is an interesting online game. The storyline in this game is dynamic and all the graphics are of high quality and amusing. The game is totally for free. And from today on, you can start to raise your own pet. Pets are playing an important role in our lives. They can give us warmth and drive away all our loneliness. Usually, pets might be dog, cats or pigs. But now you will own cute colorful worms as your pets. They will be your close friends whenever you need them. And they are willing to spend a period of happy time with you together. But you will find that your pet is not very sweet all the time. It likes to crawl around and it likes to eat whatever within his sight. And its favourite food include candies, chocolate biscuits, cakes and other sweet stuffs. In a word, it likes everything that tastes sweet. This is why you might wonder that your pet is living in a world of candy because there are nothing around it except for candies. And this is also why your agile pet grows significantly in a blink of an eye. So if you want your pet to gain weight in a short period of time, you just need to control it with your mouse and let it eat as much candies as possible. If you want it to move faster, you can just press your mouse for acceleration. You can also guide it to cut off others and eat their sweets to grow faster. The most wonderful thing is that there are more than 30 different outfits for worms in this game. You can use all these outfits or skins for free. And there is no time limit. To get the chance of changing three-coloured outfits for your pet to more pretty and funnier variant, it is better for you to share this game with your best friends. The last thing is that you can also participate in the battle for survival as the most giant worm. You can put your worm into a bottle filled with magic liquids. You can find out the potionís properties from the color of the bottle. For example, the green one means your pet can run 50% faster; the blue one is for moving nimbly; and the red-blue potion can attract sweets at the distance. But there is an expiration term for each bottle. So just use them without any hesitation.
      At, you will have all the happiness around the world.