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Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo 3DS

      If you are a Ralph fan, and the you really should try this game because this game will give you the familiar feeling that you have when you watching the original film. The pictures, stories and music of this game are adapted from the original film. This is the main reason why there are a lot of players who fancy this game. In this game, Ralph seems like a villain. But at the bottom of his heart, he really admire Felix because Felix can get the applause, kisses and praises from the neighborhood. But he cannot even get a light of pity or recognition. Thus he feels sad about his life. We can say that he is disappointed to always bring damage for people around him. He hates himself to be a villain. He also wants to be a fixer. Generally speaking, no matter Ralph, Winnie, or the captain, all of them are once tortured by the hardships that life thrusts upon them. All of them have their own dreams, they just lose themselves for now. Although some of them have a bloodless face, but they are actually good people. They just fall into the traps of their own setbacks or lies made out by other real villans. What really impresses me is that candy woods that Winnie is in. It looks like a fairy tale world, I think every girl cannot resist its charming.