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    Wreck-It Ralph Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        Ralph is a natural "destructor with a pair of huge hands, hot temper and delicate mind. For 30 years, he has done the same work in the game Fix-it Felix, acting as a villain. But it becomes harder for him to like this job because no one likes what he has done. Under the suffering of the "Villain fatigue syndrome," he sets foot on traveling with excitement and hardships for pity recognition. he just wants to prove that although he is destined to act as a villain. But from the bottom of his heart, her is not a villain and he really wants to be a good person...... In the transfer station of this game, Ralph shares his cherry with Q Bert, from this we can see that he is not a villain in essence. Wreck-It Ralph was already published on November 6 on different platforms. You can play this wonderful game in this weekend! Ralph has been playing the role of the bad guy in this game for more than decades, so he is tired of this kind of life. The next story is the game that you are playing!

        Characters introduction:
        At first, Winnie is thought as a progress error in the candy car racing game named Sugar Rush. But she thinks that she is a natural good car racer(the car racing code is flowing in my blood!-Winnie said). Winnie always dreams to have her own candy car on the car racing track. In this way, she can compete with other excellent car racer. But the problem is that no one predicts that there is suck a "loophole" in this game. After being kecked out of the car racing field, Winnie becomes surly and prefers to say something that might hurt other people. She also plays some tricks. But under the strong face, she also has her own sweet world. Actually, Winnie is the princess and the excellent car racer in the Sugar Rush, she just loses his memories because Turbo changes the game code purposely. She always has to stop her car racing competition at the beginning because her brain always turns into blank at this moment. Besides, Turbo also erases the citizen's memory about Winnie. Thus many citizens don't like or even despise Winnie. In this way, Turbo disguises himself as the sugar king and replaces the seat of the king.
        He is equipped with the Hammer of Divinity carried down from his ancestors. He is good at fixing the destruction made by the Ralph. Thus nearly everybody loves him. Every day, after fixing the destruction made by the Ralph, this Gold medal owner will receive a lot of flowers, kisses, praises and cakes from the good man household. He is destined to play the part of the good man. But all of these additional advantages really makes Ralph admire.
        Sergeant Calhoun
        The captain can be anything but a vase. She is a person with strong mind and a rave sense of responsibility. She is a leader who determines to fight for the freedom of the mankind. Before the start of this game, she dedicates herself to train her solders so as to prepare for attacking the next wave of moths. Although she is not good at laughing, but she tries her best to protect players and game hall from destroying by the moths. In this game, captain's boyfriend is eaten by the machine moth during their wedding ceremony, thus she had a grudge against these moths. She even keeps alert on them.

        Game strategies:
        1. Game control: move the fixer with the direction keys, and fix the house with the Space key
        2. Game start: you can see a chimpanzee dropping things off from the top of the building to destroy the house. You should control the little man to fix it.
        3. Do not touch the things dropped off by the chimpanzee. Otherwise, you will lose. You can break through the pass by fixing the glass window to the below of the chimpanzee.
        4. The birds in the sky might hit you. You should evade them carefully to achieve the last victory. You also have to defeat the chimpanzee.

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