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    X-Men: Destiny Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game is published by the Activision. Although there are not too much details released for now except for two short videos, we can get some enjoyment from the information we already get about this game.
        According to the four-page plan made by OXM, developer Eternal Darkness plans to invest a lot of energy to develop a game adapted from A Men. The background of this game is borrowed from the middle part of the original film. This is a good news for players because it is obvious that the content of this game contains a story happened during a special period of time. During this period, emotions about combating against the mutant become intense. Besides, there are many crimes resulting from the hates for the mutants. X Men suffered a great loss. All of these trivial things will bring an interesting story for players.
        According to OXM, players will control a human kid whose parents are fanatics in terms of fighting against mutants. So the main character think of that mutant are the most severe mistake created by nature. Besides, there are three backup teammate. They are members of the X Men team. In this game, there are also many new characters, including Surge, Quicksilver, Gambit and Magneto. In the meantime, players can mutate themselves into different things equipped with different powers by collecting mutants' genes. In this way, players need to make different kinds of choices in this game.

        Strategy guide:
        AI SKILL:AI will release your special skill when you apply key L to call upon your teammates. AL will help you automatically if there is proper special skill.
        AI AUTO-TRAIT:whether the state points will be added automatically or not when the character is upgraded
        AI AUTO-SKILLS:whether the skill points will be added automatically or not when the character is upgraded
        AI AUTO-EQUIP:whether the outfit will be changed automatically or not when you get new outfit (if AL thinks that the new outfit is better)
        MISSION COMPUTER:you can use it to observe the discuss meeting before the start of the task to check out whether it will influence the implementation of your task.
        TRIVIA GAME:X-MAN Relative simple question test. You can get XP reward once your answer is correct.
        REVIEW COMPUTER: there is a slight difference between this and the REVIEW in the menu. There will be more choices available to you in STATS once you break through the pass.
        PLAYABLE COMIC BOOK MISSSION: You can have a try for yourself here.
        DANGER ROOM COMPUTER:Here, you can go on a series of training, including trainings for FRESHMAN and LEGEND. Once you finish the training, you will be rewarded with XP, points and props, etc. You can apply X professor after finishing all of the training.
        HERO STASH:There are 60 heroes at most can stay here.
        SECRET BOUNS AREA:This thing will appear once you collect four HOMING BEAN of CET. Consult the prop part for details.
        TALK TO BEAST/FORCET: Talk with BEAST(ACT 1) or FORCE(ACT 2到ACT 5). You can choose the first item to buy props, LEVEL ADVANCE and BUNUS SKILL POINT. You can turn your skill into point. In this way, you can get REDISTRIBUTE SKILLS.
        XTRACTION POINT:transport point. You can transport things to other locations or change your teammate. You record will also start from here.
        XTRACT:The already activated transport point in other locations.
        CHANGE TEAM Change your teammates. Here there are more choices available to you. ×: choose from the hero candidates; □: kick out one of your heroes from the team; L: change outfit for your hero.
        SAVE GAME: Save the game. Sometimes, the system will ask for your answer for upgrade or save. You should select YES of course.

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