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    Xpand Rally Game Review:

        Xpand Rally includes altogether three modes: single player mode, multiplayer mode and the professional mode. This game is developed at the help of the Chrome engine. Players can create racing tracks for themselves by applying ChromEd. In this way, they can try different gaming modes.
        There are 60 different kinds of racing tracks in this game located in different five areas of European forest and Africa desert. Besides, eight different types of terrains are available in different episodes. This means that players have to shift their gear and change tires at the proper time. Turning is the exact task which is used to test players’ driving skill. Usually, it depends on the weather condition whether players can break through the level or not. Under some modes, there is not too much restrictions for players. In this way, they can drive their car freely.
        Xpand Rally is released in 2004. Except for the original factors, there are new factors included in this game. Besides, in this game players can have a try and drive GT, DTR, 4Ă—4 wheel, and monster truck, etc.

        1. In this game, players need to compete with each other on the different racing countries set in different countries. These racing tracks have their own characteristics. Some are muddy ones. Some are snowy or icy. While some racing tracks are flat and clear. So players need to apply different driving skills to finish their tasks.
        2. But you need to note that in whichever country you are in, it depends on the whether condition whether you can break through the level successfully or not. If it is sunny, of course it will be easy for you to finish your tasks. But if it is rainy or snowy, it will be little tricky for you to go on because the truck cannot go forward in a steady way. So your driving skill is the key to your success. Do not worry though, there are meteorologists who will report to you about the weather conditions beforehand. So you can prepare the proper tire.
        3. There are road blocks such as stones, sand and muddy water, etc. So you need to try every means to remove them. Actually, these obstacles cannot stop you as long as you are an excellent driver who can make sure that the truck will not be overturned.
        4. Another point is that players can change views in this game. If you are trapped in this muddy water, and then you can change views, which will be easier for you to observe the current truck conditions and apply the relative measures. But if your driving skill is not good enough, please open the tutorial, which will be easier for you to finish your task.
        5. Pay attention to your health condition from time to time. If your health condition value is low, which means you need to drive carefully on the bumpy road because you are at the brink of death.
        6. Drive back to the clean road as soon as you drive into the water because this is not good to your health value and your truck.
        7. You can invite at most eight friends to enjoy this game online with you once you are bored to play alone. You can challenge each other.
        8. Use ChromEd to create new gaming modes and racing tracks for yourself if you have gone through all the in-built modes. This is really exciting.

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