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    Zombie Highway Game Review:

        This game is a little bit creepy. You are a fully armed passenger in this game. What you need to pass through the roads guarded by zombies. So what will you do to run way? You need to dodge those barriers and try to throw those zombies into the trash. But do not worry though, you have pistols and hunt guns and other advanced equipment to deal with these zombies. Besides, once your skill is promoted, you can also unlock other weapons.
        This game is of 3D and perfect sound effect. There are three different cars and six difficulty levels altogether. You need to fight against those zombies under two circumstances with altogether 13 guns. You will deal with seven different types of zombies.
        The theme of this is both about car racing and zombies. This game supports graphics with high definition. Besides, the game factors are very rich. After multiple updates, players will have 15 different types of guns, three scenarios, eight different passes, four types of cars and eight different kinds of zombies. At the end of each round, players can check out their rank about killing number and running distance. This is an universal version. So don't miss it.
        As we all know that zombies will go out at deep night. But this time, these audacious zombies come to the highway and scare pedestrians. Now, this highway is taken up by zombies, so the vehicles can not come and forth freely. So your task is to knock down those zombies on the highway. The number of zombies is really enormous. So you need to regularly upgrade your car. Only in this way, you can completely those zombies on the highway.

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        2. Click Play Game.
        3. Choose character and then click Continue
        4. Choose Level Selection and start this game.
        5. Start to play this game.
        6. Our main objective is to survive. So see how long you can sustain in face of so many passengers with arms and zombies outside of the window. You can control the direction by taking advantage of the gravity. At the same time, you need to avoid the crazy attack from those zombies or knock down those zombies or click to shoot them. Our only purpose is to survive. But you need to learn how.
        All of the passengers with arms with meet those jumping zombies face to face. You can dodge those barriers by tilting your phone. In the meantime, you need to kill as much as zombies you could. Only in this way, you can upgrade your weapons and equipment. At last, you can share your excellent performance on different social websites. Your friends will marvel at your ability to kill zombies.
        In this game, players need to drive a car and fight against those zombies. The gaming method is very innovative. P layers will drive a car and fly on the highway. Zombies on both sides of the highway will rush to the car and attack players. So what players need to do is to clear them away with machine guns.
        If you are out of bullets, and then you should dive into those broken cars at a full speed. What you need to do is to dump them. Players need to control the car and dodge those barriers. Besides, they need to apply four direction arrows to shoot those zombies to death. The number of zombies in this game is really huge. So players might be really occupies, which makes them feel difficult to play this game. Pin the meantime, player can choose cars with different types besides upgrade their weapons.
        But when the zombies are everywhere around you, you should do nothing but to crawl into your car and fled! Our only objective is to survive. So how long you can run? This is a really serious problem.
        1. The fire spewer is more powerful in this game, but it is also hard to unlock it. So if you already lock it, you will stay locked.
        2. New information map about your game progress is included in this game. So it can help you know which rails are still unlocked.
        3. This game is anti-cheating.

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