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    Zuma's Revenge! Game Review:

        Zuma's Revenge is Popcap's another classic Zuma work. Compared with other Zuma games, this game is more innovative and professional. This game has graphics with high quality. Besides, it supports widescreen display resolution. Many new skills and characteristics are added to this game too. This game also includes many game modes. The most exciting thing is that this game also included BOSS pass(after the tenth pass). Compared with the last version, this version also contains more props. Generally speaking, this game is better than its previous one no matter in terms of the graphic quality or props.
        You may be not familiar with the PopCap. But speaking of its classic works, I belive you definitely know them, including Zuma and Zombies V.S. Plants. The inspiration of Zuma comes from the Puzz Loopof 1998. In this game, players control a frog to shoot and eliminate the balls with the same color by rotating it 360 degrees. At first, players can only play this game on the PC. Later, this game is promoted on different platforms, including Xbox Live´╝îiPodand Facebook.
        The graphics of this game carry down the styles of the classic Zuma. This game will remind you of the past memories. There is story at the beginning of this game, wich makes the characters look like even cute. The graphics of this game are also much more bright and delicate than those of the past versions. The eliminating effect is also very magnificent.
        The background music of this game is much more beautiful, which is full of ancient adventuring atmosphere. Thus this music brings players to the mysterious islands. With the existence of this music, the actions look like much more vivid.
        You can use the same method to play this game. It is still the mouse clicking. You can shoot the colorful balls to eliminate the balls with the same color. New props and BOSS pass are also included in this game. So it will be not hard for you break through the passes.
        After the Zuma series games showing up, a lot of other similar games are also promoted either. Compared with other games, this game is not an innovative one. But this game is really excellent in tis controlling convenience and passes designing. Thus it brings players with a lot of fun.
        This game includes more than 60 passes and six BOSS passes, which makes the players feel both exciting and challenging to play this game. There are four modes. Thus players will have more choices. At the same time, players will be rewarded with three new kinds of props. The new gaming experience will make this game much more attractive.

        First pass BOSS: weapons are skeletons. Difficulty is low. You can break through this pass as long as you find out the gap.
        The second pass BOSS: weapon is flame with no no difficulty. And players have a protective cover.
        Third pass BOSS: weapon is the head. After being hit, Zuma will be confused about balls color. It is relatively simple.
        Fourth pass BOSS: weapon is a sand. Once being hit, the speed of Zuma will slow down. This is a tracking one! It is useless to attack directly with the colorful balls only to destroy the teeth. Thus you need to attack with bombs around BOSS. But you also need to learn to use the replication skill! This BOSS is difficult to tackle down.
        Fifth pass BOSS: The weapon is ink. Zuma will be OK even if you hit it with this prop. The BOSS has a protective film. Thus you must first explode the protective film with a bomb, and then use ball to attack.
        Sixth pass (the final BOSS): First you need to use the colorful balls to shoot the flames. .After the first shot, there appears the first BOSS. You can kill it by only one shot! After this, there comes the second BOSS - a stone man. You should be aware of the buncing fireballs fired out by the stone man. Once the stone man has only half of its power, it will split up and turn into a bat. At this time, he will attack you with balls of no bouncing power. If you successfully avoid from being hitting by the ball, you should back off for now and do not touch the fireball. The last one is the black frog. BOSS acts in a regular way. At first, the stone man will follow the player. When it has only half of its original power, it will run in the opposite direction. Players can use two methods to hit it, that is, intermediate firing or you can switch to the corresponding place once you hit it.
        As the originator of the game Zuma, this new work has much more beautiful picture than the previous version. This game is also added with a lot of props, such as:
        [EO eye]: destroy any four balls
        [Colorful Lightning]: eliminate all balls with the same color on one track
        [Cannon]: launch an iron balls to the left and right to destroy the ball on the track.
        In addition, [explosive stone balls] [speedy aiming] and [backwards] functions keep the same.props functions remain the same as the first edition with Zuma. If you like casual games like the elimination category, and then it will be a pity for you to miss it and I belive you will definitely come across this world-known game. Zuma was inspired by the 1998's Puzz Loop. POPCAP Zuma announced the upcoming sequel "Zuma's Revenge". The game is set in the context of Polynesian islands, including 6 different scenes and 60 different styles of levels with 1920 x 1200 graphics settings. This game also supports widescreen picture displays. It feels like both challenging and exciting to play because of its new factors and skills.

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