• Beat the Boss: Weapons

  • Beat the Boss: Weapons
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  • Size:143.1M
  • Date:2020-11-11
  • Version:5.0
  • Developer:Game Hive Corporation
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Editor's Review :

This is a very simple action game, but it is very likely for you to become addicted to this game. Your main task in this game is quite simple and easy. You can just hit the big-headed boss with different weapons. You will have an arsenal which is full of different weapons that range from pencils to grenades and machine guns. It is really great to bring damage to this boss by using different weapons. The whole game is quite simple. The more you hit the boss, the more money you will get. With the money you earned, you can unlock different weapons to hit this boss. So the more money you get, the more weapons you can buy from the store. At the beginning of this game, you can only hit this boss with random items around you, but soon enough you will be rich enough to buy different weapons from the store. It is just impossible for you to become bored with this game because you can always get new weapons to beat this boss. You will have totally different gaming experiences while you are beating this boss with different weapons. So you just cannot resist the urge to unlock all the weapons contained in the store. It is such a satisfying thing to see the boss get bruised and hurt. There are different types of weapons. You can use these weapons to beat your boss. The most amazing thing is that there are also different maps available. So the whole atmosphere of this game will keep changing. You will not feel the whole beating thing is repetitive. In each of these maps, there are also many interactive elements that you can manipulate to hurt your boss. It is also an awesome thing to buy different looks for your boss from the store. There are many suits of different styles. Generally speaking, this is a very entertaining action game with lots of creative weapons available. You will enjoy yourself a lot while you are watching your boss screaming out of pain. You can just let off all your steam in this action adventure game. You will have a really great time of beating your boss. You can just put everything else behind your mind and aim precisely at your boss and shoot. It feels really fun to destroy the evil robot bosses. There is no need for you to show mercy while you are dealing with this cold-hearted robot boss who is nothing more than a real bully. As soon as you see this robot boss, you just cannot resist your anger and you just want to beat the living daylight out of this boss. So it is time for you to turn the office stress into a therapeutic release. As you fight against the clock to beat, destroy and explode the evil robot boss Joe, you will become addicted to the process of crushing your robot boss with different weapons. You can just release the mass havoc of fireworks. It is also all right for you to wield a samurai sword to slice your boss into two halves. If you would like to, you can also unleash the explosive power of the Poop monkey. You will have the golden chance to fight against more than 200 uniquely designed wicked bosses who make all these workers' life become miserable and unsustainable. There are also over 190 destructive weapons for you to use. You can just unleash the devastating power contained in these awesome weapons to attack your boss. All the hand-drawn stages are really impressive and entertaining. There are more than 30 different stages available. You know that Joe is a really bad boss. And because of his existence, the workplace is always hostile and miserable. So you must get rid of this boss and you must have your own revenge. You must let him suffer the way that he tortured you before. As soon as you see this boss, you just feel that the whole office is so repulsive that you just do not want to walk into that familiar office on Monday morning. So it is the perfect time for you to deal with the unresolved stress from the last time your boss made your life become difficult. This is a perfect game for you to deal with your office stress. Actually, this is a perfect way for you to relieve office stress. If you play this game for a very long period of time, you will realize that actually this process of punching your boss is more effective in terms of healing your office stress and trauma than yoga. Besides the boss, you will also come across many other annoying characters, including the annoying Ray. You know that Ray is so annoying because he just loves taking photos of everything, especially his food. So you need to make sure that his next photo is a real failure. You will also meet Dmitry who is super rich. Actually, he is so rich and wealthy that he rolls in money all day. He does not want anything to get his fancy clothes, but you will drag him through the mud and just let him roll around the dirt. One of your coworkers always brags about being able to survive in the prehistoric ages because he thinks that he is so strong. So it is time for you to show him how scary the prehistoric plants alone used to be. There is no need for you to worry that you cannot deal with so many weird and bad guys, because as the game progresses, you will also manage to unlock new moves to torture them. When you meet gossip Heather, you will notice that she loves to gossip about her coworkers, which can be very annoying. She is not bad enough for you to kill her or torture her, but you can try to drown out her noise by creating louder noises. Jack is a bad-tempered person. He never wants to have any fun. Actually, he will yell at you. If you are messing around with toys and not working hard, he will be angry. The office Joe is a real jerk because he just takes all the credit for all your work without lifting a pencil. So you should just take your revenge without even blinking your eyes. Anyway, this is a wonderful game for you to release your office stress. It is a very bad thing for us release our anger from work towards our family members or other beloved ones. Because of those trashy and trivial office things, we can be out of control from time to time. But this game can help you release all those negative emotions and energy in a timely way. After you play this game, you will learn to deal with these office workers and office problems in a healthier way!

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