• FNF Neo Music Chill & Pop Beat

  • FNF Neo Music Chill & Pop Beat
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  • Date:2021-09-22
  • Developer:Rocket Game Studio
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    Aim the sight at note arrow & fire them. Just lofi & funkin, it's Friday Night!
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Editor's Review :

It is time for you to forget about all of your worries and just feel the beat. You will feel so happy while you are playing this game. You can just hit the music arrows without worrying anything. And you would love the neon lights. It feels so great to dive into the neon lights. If you are one of the music fans who like to play music games during the nights, you can choose this game. For better game experience, it is advised to wear your headphones. The neon lights are just so beautiful. If you have played other FNF music games, you must be familiar with the characters included in this game. And it would become easier for you to win all the battles based on the experience that you already accumulated. You would find your own trick of completing all the levels. Actually, this game is not that kind of difficult in terms of skill. You can see that this is a music game for everyone, but it is quite challenging for you to get a high sore. And it is very difficult to become a music master. You have the chance to play as Boyfriend and defeat other opponents by joining the music battles. You will also have the chance to improve your music skills. Your opponent will go first and you will go second. If your opponent's performance is better, you must keep calm. You must continue your playing until the last moment. And you should never give up in the middle of the battle. As long as you choose to persist, you will eventually create a beautiful rhythm and you will successfully win back Girlfriend's heart. Since you are just a human, not a flawless machine, you will also make some mistakes from time to time. But there is no need for you to feel discouraged. You can always start from the beginning. This game also contains many special features. You will see a new game play. And you will realize that the whole game is easy to control. You can just swipe the gun to the place where the notes drop to catch the rhythm. The more precise beats you fire, the higher you score over your opponent. Of course, if you choose the story mode, and if you start with the easy mode, things will be easy, but when it comes to the hard mode, you will realize that the pace becomes faster. Sometimes, you will just keep missing the arrows. And it is very normal for you to feel frustrated from time to time. But anyway, if you are a true music lover, you would like to challenge yourself again and again. And if you are an observant person, you will see that these familiar characters are presented in brand new looks. The Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Mommy and Dad are slightly different in appearance. But this does not prevent you from enjoying the happy night in the club. And you would love the neon vibe! You can just feel free and sway the beat under the neon lights. The music is impressive and you will also get some inspiration about creating your own rhythm while you are playing this special music game. And the chill sounds will make each cell in your body become excited. When you get bored with a certain song, you can just try the lucky wheel to earn some gold coins. With these gold coins, you can manage to unlock a new song to try. But it would be better for you to earn enough amount of gold coins by unlocking all your songs. In a word, this is a special music game with many fantastic new features. It is worth giving it a try. And if you want to win the all the battles and unlock all the songs, you must fully focus on your task. If you get distracted, it is very likely for you to miss several arrows in a row. And if you keep missing arrows, which will bring great damage to your game motivation of further playing this game. You just feel so disappointed in your music skills. So it would be better for you to keep concentrating on all those music arrows while you are playing this game. And if you choose to fully immerse yourself into this game, you will feel so happy and you will feel so excited. The gun and the hand which is holding the gun are so real. And it makes you feel that you are the person who is holding the gun. And the hand located at the bottom of the screen is your hand. You just feel so powerful with the gun in your hand. And it is so exciting to shoot all those arrows with a magic gun in your hand. But there is no need for you to pull the trigger because the gun will fire automatically. You can just keep playing one level after another without stopping. And you will feel so proud of yourself if you can successfully beat all your opponents. Compared with other similar forms of music games, this game is more easy, because you will not be required to memorize the order of the arrows and you do not need to tap on so many arrows at the same time. You just need to swipe the gun to the left or to the right. And sometimes several arrows will fall down by following a straight line. So things will become much easier. As the game progresses, you will also find your own trick. Once you get familiar with the game pattern and after you find the right feeling of playing this game, you will realize that it is not that kind of challenging for you to shoot all the arrows. Actually, the whole process can become quite addicting. You just want to complete all the songs without stopping. And you just want to try all the levels. Anyway, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. In this music world, you are free. You can just forget about all of your trivial concerns and fully immerse yourself into this music game. If you can truly follow the music beats, you will have a wonderful performance. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to come into this music world and show your true music talents. You will have a really great time with all these familiar characters with special music talents!

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