• Poppy Game - It's Playtime

  • Poppy Game - It's Playtime
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  • Size:52M
  • Date:2021-11-19
  • Version:6.0
  • Developer:Zego Global Publishing
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Editor's Review :

If you love the Poppy Horror characters, you should definitely try this game, because this game will remind you of your childhood happiness. It is really fun to play the hide and seek with other players from different parts of the world. Every time when you feel bored or when you have nothing else to do, you can try this perfect game to kill your spare time. You will enjoy yourself a lot while you are playing as a seeker or the hider. Of course, there are always some obstacles and difficulties, but there is no need for you to worry. You just need to be patient. After you play for some time, you will figure out the most effective way of discovering all your playmates by using the least amount of time. If you would like to play as the hider, you can just find some corner to hide yourself. The seeker will count down three numbers. Once the counting is over, the seeker will start to search. So it is really fun to find the safest place in this maze. You will see that there are many walls and other objects for you to take cover. But sometimes it is very likely for you to be found out by the seeker. So you must make the right decision when it comes to choose the right corner to hide yourself. And you are allowed to move during this process. When you notice that the seeker gets really close to you, you can just keep moving toward the opposite direction. But this will also give you some clue about playing as the seeker, which means that when all the hiders just run towards the opposite direction or when they try to ran towards the places which are already searched by you, you can just turn back, and then you will see that many hiders will just come into your vision range. So it is a really great and amazing idea for you to go back to the places where you already searched. And this little trick can always help you capture all the hidden hiders. It is really fun! You can always catch all the hiders on the spot by using this trick, because they just take for granted that you will not turn back. So when you are playing this game, you should always play it in a clever way. If you are just roaming around the playground without any specific idea or searching method in your mind, it is very likely for you to end the game with the failure. But there is no need for you to feel frustrated. Even if you cannot find out all the hiders, you can always have some fun time during the searching process. And you will love the brand new Poppy characters. Anyway, this is a classic hide and seek game. There are not many rules for you to follow. If you play as the hider, you will realize that when and where you will be found is totally up to you. So you must keep watching out for the movement of the seeker. If you notice that the seeker gets really close to you, it is time for you to keep moving. If you stay put, you will be discovered by the seeker. And it is very important for you to find your suitable shelters, there is no need for you to follow the steps of other players. You can choose the place which is perfect for you to hide and to keep yourself safe. If you can be the mysterious last survivor, you will feel so proud of yourself. And you can hide in the water, behind the table, in the cornfield or just anywhere that can keep you away from that seeker. If it is possible, you can just push others into the vision range in order to save yourself. This is the game for survival. So there is no need for you to think about all those moral codes. As long as you can be the last survivor, you can do anything within your ability. It will bring you so much fun. So there is no reason for you to refuse such an interesting game. Maybe you had always played this game with your other playmates when you were a kid. But now you are an adult and you are busy with your daily life and you just have no time to play such naive games. But in this virtual world, you can just relive the happiness of your childhood. And this game contains many amazing features. It is very likely for you to become addicted to this relaxing and addictive game. You can just play as the seeker or the hider as you like. In the meantime, you would love the beautiful 3D graphics. There is no need for you to learn from others or follow other players' steps. You can just try to save yourself by following your own way. And each hide and seek round will not take you too much time. You can finish the level within 20 or 30 seconds. So you can play this interesting game at any time. If your performance is good enough, you can get lots of cash. With the cash earned, you will have the chance to get a lot of new skins. Every time after you have a new skin for your character, you will have a fully new game experience. And at the end of each level, you will hear that the time is ticking. But you must keep calm. You cannot give up until you find out all the hiders. Once the hiders come into your vision range, they will be caged and they are not capable of moving any longer. In some level, you will be put into a swimming pool. If you play as the seeker, you cannot run forward or run around to find out the other hiders, you can only swim, but it will give you a new feeling of playing the hide and seek. So there is no need for you to worry that you are not equipped with excellent swimming skills because the character will swim forward automatically. All you need to do is to control the direction. But many players will have a better performance on the dry playground, because it is similar to that place where we played hide and seek in our childhood time. Swimming pool will refresh the game experience, but it is a little bit weird. The most important thing is to seize your time to hide yourself as soon as possible. You need to hide yourself before the counting is over. If you play as the seeker, you need to start search as soon as the counting is over. No matter you play as the hider or the seeker, time is very important. You must complete your task before you run out the time. So as a seeker, you must swim really fast in order to find out all the hiders before you run out of time. And every time when you successfully spot a new hider, you will feel so excited. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to play this fun hide and seek game with the players from different parts of the world!

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