• Rescue Jerry

  • Rescue Jerry
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  • Size:57M
  • Date:2022-02-21
  • Version:4.4
  • Developer:brhappyfull
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Editor's Review :

This is a very simple but addictive game. Your job is very easy. You just need to help the little mouse Jerry get the delicious cheese. This game is similar with Cut the Rope games. So if you have the relative experience of playing casual games, you will have a wonderful performance while you are playing this game. To be specific, you only need to cut several ropes to successfully make Jerry get his cheese. You will see that Jerry is only a little mouse. He is hanging in the air at the end of the rope. He is only a very fragile little mouse. It is impossible and it is beyond his own ability to get the cheese. So you must help him. Without your help, Jerry can not get the cheese that he wants, but you will enjoy this process a lot. The problem is that you cannot use the same strategy to help Jerry get his cheese. Actually, it is impossible for you to become bored with this game. If you are a Cut the Rope lover, you will fall in love with this game at the first sight. It is really fun to help Jerry get his cheese. And every time when you successfully help Jerry get his cheese, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. You must think carefully before you cut the rope because you will notice that there are all kinds of dangerous obstacles around Jerry. You cannot let Jerry fall directly onto the sharp spikes. Before you cut the rope, you must always make sure that Jerry will always land onto the safe platform. Sometimes, there will also be hounds. You cannot let the hound swallows Jerry, so before you cut the rope and make Jerry fall down, you must smash the hound to death with the hanging rock. It is very important for you to cut the right rope first. While you are playing this game, you must be clever, which means you must make full use of all the rocks and other items around to deal with and remove the hounds and other dangerous animals who may eat Jerry or who may bring damage to Jerry. After you get rid of those dangerous animals, you can successfully let Jerry jump right onto the platform and get his cheese. There is no need for you to worry that Jerry may get hurt during this jumping process. As a mouse, he will know how to jump and he will jump automatically as soon as you remove all the obstacles. As long as there are no animals and dangerous obstacles which may threaten his life, Jerry is a very elastic mouse. He can jump high and he can fall down from a very high place without getting hurt. It is really fun to help this little mouse get what he wants. So as soon as you start this game, it is really hard for you to stop. You just want to finish one level after another without stopping. And you will never know what kind of obstacles you may come across in the next level. You just want to keep saving Jerry and persist in helping Jerry get his delicious cheese. Sometimes, when you cut the rope, the rock or the axe which is hanging at the end of the rope will not drop down directly. Actually, this rope is connected with another rope. So Jerry and the axe will keep hanging in the air. But there is a high possibility that this sharp axe will hurt Jerry while swinging back and forth in the air. At the beginning, it is very simple for you to cut the rope. And it is very obvious for you to know which rope should be cut first. But after you play for some time, you will notice that there will be so many ropes for you to deal with. And you will just become perplexed because you have no idea which rope to cut first. And you need to analyse the whole situation for a very long time before you successfully find out the right order of cutting all those ropes which are entangled with each other. In some level, when you cut the rope, the dangerous object which is hanging at the end of the rope, will directly fall onto the head of the monster and kill the vicious monster who is waiting Jerry there. But the thing is that this dangerous object will not disappear after the dangerous animal is dead. You will notice that once the animal is dead, this animal will disappear automatically. But the sharp object will not. So when your Jerry jumps off the high platform, there is still a possibility for your Jerry to land right onto this sharp axe. It is of great significance for you to make sure that Jerry will not directly land onto something dangerous or just jump into the fire pit. Except for the axes and monsters, you will also come across many useful items which may be of great help for Jerry to get his cheese, including the springboards. You can use the springboards to help Jerry get his delicious cheese. But you must be careful. And you should not let Jerry land onto the platform before you make sure that there is delicious cheese on this platform. Otherwise, Jerry will just jump off this platform and drop down into the air. By taking advantage of the springboards, things will become much easier. You should always remember that Jerry is a little mouse without high intelligence. So you just cannot count on him all the time. He cannot distinguish the heights and he has no cognition. You must pave the way for him to get his delicious cheese. You will feel so proud of yourself if you can successfully help Jerry get his cheese by using your human intelligence and wisdom. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start this new adventure with Jerry who will also hold great gratitude towards you for helping him. You will get lots of gold coins at the end of each level. And it is really fun to challenge your intelligence by solving all the puzzles. It seems that you can finish the job by moving only one of your fingers. But you should not underestimate the difficulty level of this game. Once you cut the wrong rope, your Jerry will be dead immediately. But if you find the right trick of rescuing Jerry, you will definitely become addicted to this game. So you just need to have confidence in your rope-cutting skills. Eventually, you will become the ultimate savior who can always help Jerry get his cheese, no matter how dangerous the whole situation is!

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