• Roblock Squid: Survival Game

  • Roblock Squid: Survival Game
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  • Size:58M
  • Date:2021-12-01
  • Version:4.4
  • Developer:Great Hyper Games Studio
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Editor's Review :

If you have already played other Squid games, you will notice that it is not that kind of difficult for you to play this one. This is a great Squid game. And you will come across many unexpected surprises while you are playing this game. Besides, this game contains some new features. Compared with other similar Squid games, it is relatively easier for you to play this game because you will get many props. For instance, you can get some sharp and powerful weapons at the beginning of each level. And getting some extra time beforehand is also possible. You can also try your best to earn more two shots while you are playing the marble part. While, in other similar Squid games, there is no extra props for you to use. In this game, you will have the chance to try many props. It feels good to click the "freeze button" while you are playing the Tug of War. And you can also click the "time button" to win more time for your teammate. Generally speaking, if you want to have a better performance while you are playing this Squid game, you should react really fast. Such games are a great challenge of your reaction speed. In the meantime, you need to concentrate on your task all the time. Once you get distracted, you will notice that before you know it, you already lose. So it is of great significance for you to notice all the details while you are playing this game. For instance, in the Green Light and Red Light part, if you keep running when the red light is on, you will be shot dead. And while you are playing the Tug of War, you must not tap on the screen until the arrow moves to the green area, but the arrow will just stay in the green area for a very short time. So there is just no time for you to waste. You must seize each second while you are playing this game. Your attitude is very important. You must always bear in mind that this is the battle for survival. And if you can successfully complete the task, you can slap the guard. But if you fail your task, even if you implore the guard to spare your life, the guard will just mercilessly kill you by pulling the trigger. And you can see that all the guards are equipped with guns. So it is of great significance for you to try your best and understand the game rules. Some players just ignore the rules or they think that they know the game rules. Actually, they do not have a very clear understanding of the game rules. This is the exact reason why some players cannot have the perfect control of their running pace and why they are still running when the red light is on. The reason lies in that the chanting rhythm will change from time to time. So you can not follow the rhythm all the time; or you cannot imagine a rhythm in your mind beforehand. You must always be fully prepared to stop immediately or to run forward without waiting any second. To some degree, this game can greatly improve your reaction speed. If you are a person who has a very good instinct or if you are an inborn instinct person, after you play for some time, you will notice that you will perform better and better. Even if you cannot describe with exact words how can you do this, but your corresponding talents will lead you to finish all the tasks in a perfect way. Even if you are not an experienced player in terms of the Squid games, you should not feel frustrated. If you get stuck in a certain level, it is quite normal. You should know that maybe you are good at playing the Green Light and Red Light part, but you are just so clumsy while you are trying to finish the marble part. It seems that it is just impossible for you to precisely throw the marble into the target hole. But there is no need for you to be too harsh on yourself. Everybody has his or her own advantages and disadvantages while playing the Squid games. The most important thing or the ultimate goal is to have fun. So you should just give yourself some time to get familiar with the game pattern and accumulate some skills. Once you find the right feeling and once you can successfully control the marble in your hand, you will know how much force you should apply. And you will have the ability of having a very clear evaluation of the distance between the marble in your hand and the target hole. So as long as you pay enough attention to your job, you will certainly have a wonderful performance. When the game is about to begin, you should just get rid of all those unnecessary thoughts in your mind. It is time for you to concentrate and focus. If you want to be participant number 456, you must have the relative preparation. If your performance is good enough, you will eventually win the 45.6$ billion stored in Golden Piggy Bank by eliminating all other competitors. If you can successfully pass all the levels, you will eventually become the champion. Of course, you will get abundant rewards. So while you are playing this game, you can just forget about all the other rules. The only rule you should always remember is to survive. As long as you can keep yourself alive, you win the game! Anyway, you will love the Green Light and Red light, Dalgona challenge, Tug of War, the Midnight Fight, Glass Bridge, and Marble Rolling. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start your survival adventure. You will feel so proud of yourself if you can beat everyone else to get your hands on the Golden Piggy Bank. And you will feel so relieved after you successfully break the delicious candy into various shapes such as a star, an umbrella, a circle and so on. So if you are one of the fans of Squid games, you just cannot miss this special one! And this game contains many levels with different difficulty levels. So there is no need for you to worry. And more new levels will be constantly updated on a regular basis. Last but not least, you will love the vivid and beautiful graphics with realistic sound effects. Now it is time for you to star your survival adventure, as long as you keep calm and react fast, you will be the final winner and you will have the chance take the big prize!

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