• Silent Castle

  • Silent Castle
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  • Size:56.2M
  • Date:2022-07-03
  • Version:4.4
  • Developer:BEP1C STUDIO
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Editor's Review :

This is an amazing horror game. But before you play this game, you should know that this game involves scary images that may cause physical discomfort. So if you are always afraid of watching horror movies, you should think carefully before you choose to play this game. If you are a player who is sensitive to frightening games, you should withdraw from this game. The whole atmosphere of this game is rather spooky. Everything is dark around you. And as soon as you walk into this castle, you are totally alone and you can never lower down your guard. Besides, the Soul Reaper always scares the hell out of you. And the Soul Reaper will furiously attack doors of different rooms. So the best practice is to close the door and hide yourself in your bed. If it is within your ability, you should build your own defense against this horrible Soul Reaper. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game within a very short period of time because this game contains different game modes. And there is no strict restriction for you to follow. You can choose to play as a survivor or Soul Reaper. It is really exciting to be the Soul Reaper, because you will have the golden chance to scare other players. The good news is that there are lots of powerful props and equipment. If your performance is good enough, you will also earn many good coins. But it is very important for you to come up with different strategies to make full use of these different props. And as the game progresses, you will notice that different characters can use totally different props. If you can be the final winner, you will win more rewards. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to try your best. When you are playing this game, there is no need for you to care about other things. You can just let your imagination fly and explore this mysterious castle. If you have no experience of playing similar games, you may act a little clumsy because of the spooky atmosphere and the uncertainty. But after you play for some time, you will get your own clues about how to successfully deal with all these dangers. If you notice the appearance of red count down, you will know that it is time for you to leave the corridor right away, or no one will be able to guarantee your safety in this dangerous castle. Besides, it is a bad thing for you to follow other players. You must always make your own choices. If you enter a random room and find something in that, you should leave this room as soon as possible without waiting for another second. But if you fail to leave the room, you can always start the game from the beginning. After entering the room, you can go to bed and get gold. With the gold, you can build different equipment. No matter what may happen, you should never get out of the bed before you make sure that you are safe. But if the Soul Reaper breaks in, you should stay silent and make no noise. In the meantime, you can press the repair button to fix the Soul Reaper. Sometimes, you may get really curious about different objects in this dark world, but it is not a very good thing. If you find that the light in some players' room is broken, you should not check this room. And you should never take anything with you from this room. Otherwise, you will put yourself in danger. You will also find extra secret rooms in this castle. If you step into a mysterious room by chance, you should leave immediately. It is a very dangerous idea for you to search such mysterious rooms, because you can never guarantee your own safety in this room. If you would like to, it is acceptable for you to spend your coins on the useful props because the mysterious props can help you deal with the Soul Reaper. Another point is that in this castle, all the pictures and videos are forbidden. So while you are playing this game, you can never take pictures or shoot videos. Once caught, you will not be able to enter the castle. If you want to get the maximum excitement from this game, you should choose to play this game late at night. If you would like to, you can also invite your best friend to experience the excitement together. Even if this whole game is spooky and scary, there is no need for you to lose confidence in yourself because as long as you can build strong defense in your room, you will manage to defeat the Soul Reaper. Overall, you will have a really great horror castle adventure while you are playing this game. As an outsider, it is really fun to walk into this castle and start your exploring adventure, because you will never know what you may come across in this castle. And every time when you encounter a Soul Reaper, you will scream unexpectedly and you will try your best to survive. But if you can wisely use different attacking weapons and defense props, you can survive the dark night. While you are playing this game, you must always keep calm. Even if the whole atmosphere is terrifying, you need to try your best to get all the rewards. If you choose to stay as a survivor, you need to select the right house and find the desired room. After you find the desired room, you must immediately set yourself on the bed. After you finish your preparing work, the defense journey will begin. If you can successfully upgrade your beds, you can manage to improve the efficiency of gold coin acquisition process. Upgrading your attacking items can also cause great damage to the Soul Reaper. At least, the upgraded attacking items can drive the Soul Reaper away for a short period of time. Besides, the door can help you hinder the invasion of different Soul Reapers. But the door can be broken, so you should always watch out for those Soul Reapers. And except for the door, no other solid props can help defend even one attack of the Soul Reaper. You should never underestimate the superpower owned by the Soul Reaper. And since this is a really terrifying game, you will notice that there is no trace of happiness and lightness. The overall picture only becomes darker and gloomier. The horror atmosphere of this game will be greatly increased. And the creepy background music will make your fingers shake from time to time. But all these elements will provides you with an excellent sense of excitement. At last, there are many characters for you to choose. And you will notice that each character is equipped with unique skills. Even the Soul Reaper has its own charms. So if you like games which combines tower defense and horror elements together, you will deeply fall in love with this game!

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