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  • Size:Varies with device
  • Date:2016-03-25
  • Version:2.3
  • Developer:Lowtech Studios
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Editor's Review :

This is a really interesting game. In this game, you will be a snake. And it is very simple for you to play this game. You just need to become stronger and longer by devouring all the colorful dots on the screen. Actually, it is really fun to play this game with your best friends. You can try to compete with each other and see who can be the winner. You will laugh a lot while watching your snakes become longer and stronger. And things will also become more exciting. But never give up no matter how tiny your snake is. There is always hope. But you need to be careful because if the head of your snake touches the head of the other snake, you will explode instantly, and then it is game over, which means that you cannot touch any part of the other snake. Of course, if the other snake runs into you by accident, then the other snake will explode, and you can eat its remains so you can become stronger and longer. And it will be very challenging for you to control a really long snake. It is better for you to concentrate all the time and never get distracted by anything else; otherwise it will be very easy for you to run into other snakes. So generally speaking, as you can see, this is not a very challenging game. No matter how young or how old you are, you can still control this game. There is always hope for you, no matter how strong or how small your snake is as long as you refuse to give up. It is such a fulfilling thing to watch you snake become longer and longer. And it feels so good to conquer the other snakes and eat their remains in order to become longer. And it is really wonderful to spend some relaxing time with your snake in this new world. So if you would like to, you can just regard this snake as your pet. Even if this is a competitive game, but never forget to enjoy yourself. Sometimes it does not matter whether or not you are the final winner. But you must never forget to enjoy yourself. Just put everything else behind your mind and fully immerse yourself into this world of snakes. It is your game time. And you can just try to relax a bit. And I believe your snake will bring to you a great sense of happiness and excitement. Of course, it is a little bit challenging for some players because they can never manage to help their snake reach a certain length. But eventually they will all find their own happiness in this game. It is really fun. And you should never miss it. So just invite your best friends to experience something different in this snake world. You will have a lot of fun while controlling your snakes slithering forward. Wish you luck!

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