• Sumotori Dreams

  • Sumotori Dreams
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  • Price:$1.39
  • Date:2014-03-12
  • Developer:Gravitysensation
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    Sumotori Dreams on your mobile.The funniest physics simulation.
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Editor's Review :

This is a wonderful game. In this game, your main task is to take down or push down your opponent. Actually, all the figures in this game are made of paper, so the hard thing in fighting is not to figure out how to conquer your enemy or whether you are strong enough. The thing is that you need to learn to control your own balance because sometimes you might find that when you are trying to push your enemy down, the one who is falling down is actually yourself. And there are many different scenes for you to choose at the beginning of each game and you can also choose the color for your own warrior. The battleground can be on the staircases, on a high platform or other places. You can also invite your friends to compete with you, or you can just compete with the computer or other electronic device. At first, you might think this game is very easy. But actually it is a little bit hard for you to push down your enemy while keeping the balance. You need to find the best angle before touching your opponent and use the proper degree of force to push. So you might need some knowledge of physics. If you are good at analyzing physical phenomenon, this game might be easier for you. Besides, all the graphics in this game are of high quality. You will have a visual feast. Although these fighters might be a little bit clumsy during the fighting and you feel it is hilarious for you to watch them combating with each other, they are very cute. And there is also exciting music for you to enjoy while you are playing this game. The music in this game will make you feel passionate. As long as you control the right balance, the music can also help you make the best judgement about your own actions. Anyway, this game will provide you with a deep sense of fulfillment by playing it because it is really hard to predict who can be the final winner in this game. There is a big share of chance. So just try it for yourself and take down your opponent right now!

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